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PlaneSwing Golf Training System

Swing like the Pros.

  • More distance
  • Straighter
  • Pure ball striking
  • Square club face at impact

PlaneSWING is designed to rapidly create a powerful and repeatable motion within your ideal swing plane through 6 key elements, each of which will play a part in transforming your game.

Improves your game for men, women, left-handers & right-handers and any golfer from 4ft 10in (1.47m) to 6ft 7in (2.01m) - GUARANTEED, or your money back.

PlaneSWING includes:

  • PlaneSWING hoop,
  • PlaneGUIDE,
  • PlaneSWING Alignment Stance Mat,
  • Long PowerSLIDER,
  • PlaneCHECKER,
  • Numbered swing reference points.

1. The multi-adjustable PlaneSWING hoop. This robust, powder-coated steel construction is built to last. The calibrated telescopic strut allows you to set the PlaneSWING angle to your optimum plane and instantly experience how the perfect golf swing feels.

2. The PlaneGUIDE. This is an elasticated cord that ensures the correct swing plane angle is set. Hooked from one side of the hoop to the other it rests slightly bowed across the chest at the middle of the sternum. The PlaneGUIDE also acts as an excellent set-up tool, ensuring that the shoulders are square at address. This should be removed before beginning the golf swing.

3. The PlaneSWING Alignment Stance Mat. This hard-wearing stance mat has straight lines. It is a simple reference aid to ensure a square set up prior to beginning the golf swing.

4. The revolutionary PowerSLIDER is a weighted club specifically designed to help rapidly develop strength and power in your swing within the protection of the swing plane. When used, the PowerSLIDER imparts a film of rubber around the hoop, creating light resistance, resulting in a dynamic position at impact that will positively influence motor-skill change (commonly referred to as muscle memory) and create a repeatable swing. We offer a long PowerSLIDER(simulates driver to 5 iron) which is included, plus a shorter PowerSLIDER (simulates 6 iron wedge) and a long lighter PowerSLIDER for juniors, ladies and seniors available as extras.

5. The ingenious PlaneCHECKER fits into the end of the PowerSLIDER and provides a simple reference as to whether or not you are on plane, (in line with the angle of the upper hoop) ensuring that you are able to maintain your spine angle throughout the swing.

6. Swinging by Numbers! We've included numbered stickers to help you build your new golf swing with width and power and in a controlled way to ensure your practice is consistent, thereby developing permanency. Place these numbers in a CLOCK FORMATION ON THE INSIDE OF THE HOOP FACING THE GOLFER.

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